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DXStockholm: Our future, our choices… and our f**king disease

Community-Events like the recent #DXStockholm could be so cool and hip and happy, if there wasn’t one thing… this f**king diabetes which can easily spoil all community happiness. When a participant of a community event passes out with a hypo, it’s not about future and choices, but simply about G-L-U-C-O-S-E – F-A-S-T.

(Since it was a paneuropean blogger event, I translated today’s blogpost into English so that the non-German bloggers will be able to read it, too.)

I don’t want to be misunderstood. I really appreciate the super weekend I was invited to by Abbott together with a bunch of other diabetes bloggers from all over Europe. “Diabetes Exchange” (DX) is truly important. It’s important for us bloggers to exchange amongst us, and it’s important for companies to exchange with us (their customers and multipliers) about what what kind of stuff we are desperately waiting for. Weiterlesen